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Here are the best laptops of 2015
The computing giant slipped in the announcement during the final moments of the Surface Pro 4 announcement in October. While the Surface Pro 4 is a tablet first, laptop second (via an optional keyboard accessory), the Surface Book tries to flip the …
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Do not fall in trap of Free Basics from Facebook: It is not Free, it is a Scam!
The campaign also talked about alternatives to Free Basics, such as FreedomBox — a project that combines smartphone computing with a wireless router to create a network of personal servers and protect privacy during daily life. Writing in the …
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CES 2016: Expect Buzz Around Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Virtual Reality
"Intel's innovations, which power tablets, wearables, PCs, smart cars, homes, appliances, cloud computing and so much more are serving as the foundation for the burgeoning Internet of Things," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer …

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