Microsoft Surface Pro 4 #ExpressReview: Great laptop replacement, but not

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 #ExpressReview: Great laptop replacement, but not
The Surface Pro 4 is a computer in every sense and not really a tablet. And whatever Microsoft might say, Windows 10 is still not a mobile-first OS. The entire operating system will have to think differently to get to that level. Just making people …
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Windows tablets took 11% market share in 2015, mainly from Apple
Windows tablets are being seen as the rising star of the Windows ecosystem, and its main saviour as the computing ecosystem becomes increasingly mobile. Hard numbers around the progress of the category has however been hard to come by, but recent …

How to Get By Using a Tablet As Your Main Computer
If you're between computers and need to get by on a tablet for a while, or if you realized you don't use 90 percent of your expensive computer's capabilities and don't feel like buying another one, then listen up. Here's what you need to know to live …
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