Sharp's Adorable (and Pricey) Robot Smartphone on Sale Soon

Sharp's Adorable (and Pricey) Robot Smartphone on Sale Soon
The pocket-sized robot phone you've been waiting for arrives soon—in Japan. Sharp this week announced that its RoboHon device launches May 26, but it's pricey at just over $ 1,800. There's no word on whether the adorable accessory will arrives stateside.
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LeEco Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2 Smartphones Without 3.5mm Headphone Jack
China-based tech firm LeEco on Wednesday took the wraps off its three new next-generation smartphones at a launch event in China. Called the Le Max 2, Le 2, and Le 2 Pro, the smartphones are the successors to the Le Max, Le 1, and Le 1 Pro …
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Phone, Everlasting: What If Your Smartphone Never Got Old?
And she says smartphones do tend to feel old after about two years, though she argues they aren't too old for repairs until they're about four years old. "Over time you'll find a mismatch between your hardware and the current version of the software …
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