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Benedict Evans on How Both Apple and Google Are Winning the Smartphone Wars
As for other changes, Evans said some of the most profound ones will come from how ubiquitous smartphones change existing industries. Uber and AirBnB aren't really technology companies, but emblematic of a wave of companies that are emerging to seize …
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Smartphone Video Supertest: iPhone 6 Vs Galaxy S6 Vs HTC One M9 Vs LG G4 Vs
While rumours of the television's death may be greatly exaggerated, it's a simple fact that more and more of us are now watching films and TV shows on our smartphones. Back in October 2014, for instance, UK communications giant EE announced that more …
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Smartphone app identifies weeds invasive to Alaska

Smartphone app identifies weeds invasive to Alaska
KENAI, Alaska — A new smartphone application is helping researchers learn where plant species invasive to Alaska are growing. When someone using the Alaska Weeds ID app finds an unknown plant, they can use their smartphone to both identify it and …
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Heavy Smartphone Use While Depressed Can Make Things Worse
Although many depressed people look to their smartphones for relief from their symptoms, relying on them may actually make things wose. Jung-Hyun Kim, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea, and colleagues Prabu David, PhD, of Michigan State …
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Panasonic CM1 Review: Finally, a High End Camera Inside a Smartphone

Panasonic CM1 Review: Finally, a High End Camera Inside a Smartphone
Most people are perfectly satisfied with the camera in their smartphone. But to photographers and hobbyists, even the latest iPhone doesn't come close to emulating the capability of a full-fledged camera. Panasonic's CM1 is the answer.
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Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 Sale On Amazon: Smartphone And Onetouch Watch Bundle
A smartphone and smartwatch for $ 300? It may seem too good to be true, but Alcatel is in fact offering its Onetouch Idol 3 smartphone and Onetouch smartphone in a bundle as part of a back-to-school promotion. The smartphone and smartwatch are available …

Sony's C5 Ultra and M5 smartphones may be the latest to jump on the selfie
Sony's mobile division may be bringing the rest of the company down, but that hasn't stopped the company from working on new phones just yet. Thanks to 9to5Google, we're getting a look at the forthcoming Xperia C5 Ultra and M5, the latest in Sony's lineup.
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Will The Smartphone Market Soon Mirror The PC Market?

Will The Smartphone Market Soon Mirror The PC Market?
Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz sees a major transformation happening in the smartphone market, and he believes that the latest news from Chinese handset maker OnePlus is a further indication that this change is coming sooner rather than later.
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AT&T Requests Android Smartphone Makers To Turn On FM Radio Chips
Smartphones contain several kinds of radios within them to be able to provide users with various services. One of these radios is the FM radio, which can be used by customers to listen to FM radio stations for music, news reports and emergency broadcasts.
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Android Circuit: Galaxy Note 5 Launching Early, Nokia's Smartphone Return

Android Circuit: Galaxy Note 5 Launching Early, Nokia's Smartphone Return
Taking a look back at seven days of news across the Android world, this week's Android Circuit includes the release dates of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+, the Galaxy S6 measured as the 'most powerful phone', Nokia's plans to return to the …
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Apple's iPhone 7 will be the first eSIM – SIMless smartphone – GeekSnack
Although unconfirmed by Apple, the iPhone 7 will be the first smartphone to feature such an eSIM and will become the pioneer of an entirely new era of smartphones: without SIM card slots. Apple has not been fond of slots until now, but with the eSIM …
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