This Dell 4K Windows tablet could be an iPad Pro killer

This Dell 4K Windows tablet could be an iPad Pro killer
First reported by a German technology site named Giga, Dell might have plans to release a 12.5-inch 2-in-1 tablet-pc hybrid with a detachable keyboard complete with backlit keys – take that Apple smart cover. Leaked information reveals the revived XPS …
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Microsoft's DisplayCover prototype demonstrates a new way of interacting with
"Tablet computers aim to bridge the gap between portability and productivity, reducing the need for users to carry multiple devices," explains Antonio Gomes, a research intern at Microsoft Applied Sciences Group. "However, despite increases in …
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Business users embrace hybrids in post-PC age: Lenovo
An established business computing brand in Australia, Lenovo entered the local consumer market last year, establishing new offices and striking major retail partnerships with JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. While selling tablets in Australia, Lenovo is yet …
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Here's what happened in mobile this week

Here's what happened in mobile this week
While growth in tablet shipments has slowed over the past two quarters, the device is still gaining traction among businesses. A separate report from Gartner found that the larger “mobile PC market,” which includes tablets, 2-in-1s, and ultraportable …
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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Anypen (8-inch) review: Versatile, but small for serious
In my hands-on, the Yoga Tablet 2 Anypen seemed lively enough, but the numbers are strictly Atom: PC Mark 8 rated the tablet at 1,375 in the work test and 897 in the creative test. 3D Mark didn't measure playable frame rates until it got to Ice Storm …
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This Landline-Inspired Gadget Aims to Outdo Your Smartphone

This Landline-Inspired Gadget Aims to Outdo Your Smartphone
Even though we all value our smartphones for the Swiss Army knives they've become, the same multi-functionality can be overwhelming, leading to a loss of personal connection landlines used to provide. “Precisely because these devices are so successful …
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BlackBerry Considering Making Bacteria-Free Smartphone
BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed the plans, but added that BlackBerry is not making the smartphone as of yet. The plans were disclosed during the announcement that BlackBerry is teaming-up with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems to offer doctors and …
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Patient records his operation on smartphone and is shocked by what medics say
A medical professional who trash talked her patient when she put him to sleep has been fined – after his smartphone recorded the WHOLE THING. Tiffany M Ingham, who was working as an anaesthesiologist in Reston, Virginia, was caught making rude and …